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Semi-Permanent makeup is the fastest growing trend in the beauty and health industry and for good reason. Also known as micropigmentation, it is the process of implanting pigment into the skin. This simplifies your daily beauty routine by enhancing your features where there is lack of shape, color, or definition.

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Sugaring is the best way of hair removal for your body and has been a practice dating centuries back to the Middle East. It is completely 100% all-natural, no toxins or resins.


This method of 3 simple ingredients, sugar, water, and lemon is a gentler alternative to waxing.



Transform your eyelash and eyebrow game with lamination services. This semi-permanent treatment enhances your natural lashes and brows by making them appear fuller & longer. Ditch the mascara and brow products, with lamination you will be able to enjoy having curled, tinted lashes and set brows every morning, for a few weeks!


meet alona

Hello,  I'm Alona! As a licensed Esthetician & Permanent Makeup Artis in Spokane, WA., I strive in providing high-quality service for each of my clients by bringing out their natural beauty and simplifying their routines. My clients know me as being a perfectionist, taking my time, and doing what's best for each client. I strongly believe that you can never stop learning, and rigorously travel to take courses from well-known beauty professionals all over, even internationally. My passion is to elevate the beauty standards while helping every woman wake up feeling beautiful inside and out, full of confidence, and ready to tackle their day.

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