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Learn the Art of Sugaring

Receive hands-on training and become Certified in Sugaring.



Classes are limited to 1-2 to ensure one-on-one time through the learning process.



For Licensed Estheticians & Cosmetologists or students currently in the program.If you are still in school you can submit your class contract with a projected graduation date to register.


Shuga Studio

1009 N Washington St Suite C,

Spokane WA


Classes are offered on Thursday-Saturday and can be arranged. 

Step 1: Fill out an application

Fill out an application below.

Step 2: Enroll

Once your application is received you will receive an email with your acceptance and an invoice to pay your $200 non refundable deposit. This deposit is non-refundable and confirms your attendance and cannot be refunded (it can be applied to a different class date in the future). Remaining balance is due 1 week before class.

step 3: Register

You will need to register and create an account with Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring, LLC. Once on the website click “Registration” and register for an account. You will need to select my name Alona Zagumennaya and scheduled class date. You will be prompted to upload a copy of your license or Esthetician/Cosmetology Program Accreditation for verification.

Step 4: Order kit

Once registered, you will receive an email from Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring confirming the registration process. From here, you must  order the class kit at least 15 days prior to the start of a training class in order to guarantee delivery. All kits will be sent directly to Shuga Studio and distributed at the end of class. Class kits are required, no exceptions. If you have questions about which paste would fit you, please  reach out to Alona.

step 5: online theory

You will receive a link to a portion of the sugar training that must be completed online prior to class. This will cover sugar theory and serves as a base prior to your hands-on in person class.

Step 6: Class

Before Class: 
  • Grow out your body hair at least 14 days prior to class. The best way to learn is to perform and also receive treatment.

  • Nails should be trimmed short, hair worn tucked away from face, and wear breathable clothing. Short sleeve top is recommended and an apron to protect your clothes from powder and sugar.  You will be working a lot and want to be dressed comfortably.

  • Bring water or a beverage to stay hydrated throughout class. We will have an hour lunch break where you may bring your own food or go out.


After Class: 
  • You will be officially certified and ready to purchase products from Tamara’s Sugar, join private social media groups that help students navigate their journey or sugaring, and a lifetime membership from me! 

  • It is highly recommended to practice a ton on models before you add it to your service menu. If you feel ready to advance, then the advanced Intimate Sugaring course is available after you complete this foundational course.


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